Friday, March 15, 2013

Write It Down

A few weeks back, I begin my first semester back at a university and I soon realized that I needed some help. I knew that the study habits I had used in the past were not going to cut  it because I was not the same student I was when I went to college for the first time. I have been back in school since 2005 and I just recently decided to try and get my bachelor's.

At the same time, I have been working with a couple of businesses. I am learning to set goals and make plans.Through the training from both companies there has been an emphasis on setting and achieving those goals. I was trying to do certain things they suggested but things were not working out the way I was expecting them to.

One thing I got from both is that in order to keep up with and be accountable you must simply WRITE IT DOWN! I didn’t think it mattered much but I soon learned that this simple task can create some great results.

So I guess new mantra is: WRITE IT DOWN!

That includes goals, ideas, dreams, wants, groceries, anything that I cannot do at the moment I think of it needs to be and will be written down.

Writing it down allows you to revisit and actually complete your goals. I know for me this has helped a great deal because in my head I will say “I will do it later” or “I will remember to do it” and later never comes. So in discovering this technique I know that the things I want to complete, will be completed because all I have to do is read.

So I will end this post by saying: WRITE IT DOWN!!! and make things happen!


  1. U are on your way. Stay positive, focus. And write it down. U are going to do great things.