Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Being An Adult

So my oldest asked if it was hard being an adult and my first quick response was yes! But then I begin to think about it and came to the realization that being an adult is not hard but the choices you make when you are young can make being an adult harder than it needs to be. One thing I believe people should take into account is it is okay to learn from others mistakes. While it is very true that we all must live and learn, it is also quite okay to watch someone else live and learn from their mistake. You don't have to experience everything and everything is not worth experiencing. Let's just say that I wish that I knew what I knew now. I mean I have no regrets but there are some things I would have done that I was afraid to do. I want my kids to have the confidence to do whatever they want and I want them to be happy. So I can honestly say that being an adult is not hard. The decisions you make throughout life determine that.


  1. I agree and thank you for sharing! Great post. The decision we make shape the life that we lead (not live, LEAD.)