Friday, January 7, 2011

No Compromise before Marriage

I don't know if this will make sense but I don't think you should compromise before marriage. Your significant other asks you to do something that you don't agree with then maybe this is not the one for you. When you are married to someone compromise is something that is a given so if you willing to compromise on something you just don't agree with then you are not ready for marriage. To me compromise is a gift reserved for your partner for life not just some random dude. Just like sex. If I am not your wife then you don't the benefits of me being your wife. My duties as a wife don't start until I say I do nor do your duties as a husband. I really don't understand how a person can expect so much before the vows have been. Vows are much stronger than a promise. You make those vows in front of God and they are expected to be kept. Expecting a person to change the way they think and what they believe is not a sign of maturity. Your spouse to be has to know that you will respect their values and beliefs and not try and change them to what you want them to be. Run the other way if the person is trying to change you.

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